Neff B57CR22N0B Electric Single Oven

Key Features

Product Overview

This stunning built-in electric single oven from Neff would be a welcome addition to any contemporary kitchen. Because it’s multifunctional, you’ll have lots of choice when you’re creating delicious dishes, whether you’re roasting chicken, grilling vegetables or baking a batch of indulgent cupcakes. Clever CircoTherm® technology ensures heat is constantly and evenly circulated across every shelf, so flavours won’t transfer if you’re cooking mains and dessert together. And, thanks to the handy Slide&Hide® door that tucks neatly away beneath the oven, it’s always safe and easy to reach your food. Keeping it clean is effortless too, as the powerful pyrolytic cleaning function burns any residue to ash that can be quickly wiped away. This appliance is designed to fit at eye level or under a worktop.

This Single Oven pairs with the C17MR02N0B Compact Oven with Microwave

Key Features

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 54.8 × 59.5 × 59.6 cm