Leisure PODM52300X Electric Double Oven


Key Features

  • Built In Oven – This oven is placed within a column cabinet at eye-level.
  • 7 Functions giving you great functionality
  • Programmable timer so you can set the oven to turn on and off whenever you like
  • Cook Clean liners on the side walls catch the grease spits to make it easier to clean
  • Removable glass panels and a special Nano coating on the door glass also makes it easier to clean this oven
  • Interior light to illuminate your dishes and let you see how theyre getting on
  • 1 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Dimensions (mm): H890 x W594 x D567

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Product Overview

This Patricia Urquiola designed double oven features a fan main oven and a secondary conventional oven and grill, with a combined total of 7 functions to experiment with. A programmable touch control LED timer will help you stay in control of meal times, while also adding a modern, professional finish to your kitchen.

Multi-Function Oven
Make a lasting impression at the dinner table, whatever you’re cooking, with 7 innovative functions that help you cook a variety of different dishes. For fast, restaurant-style results, try out the 3D cooking function.

Programmable Oven
Making sure your meal leaves the oven at exactly the right time, the audible timer can be set to automatically start and stop at a pre-selected time, helping you stay in control of meal times.

True Fan Cooking
The heating element that surrounds the fan ensures that heat is distributed evenly and consistently throughout the oven, offering quicker cooking times and perfectly even baking and roasting results.

Cook Clean Liners
Providing a simpler solution to oven cleaning, Leisure cook clean liners sit on the side walls of the oven cavity, catching grease from inside the oven. By removing the need to scrub the oven walls, the specially coated panels make it easier to keep your oven clean.

Nano Coated Oven Door
The nano coated glass oven doors are specially designed to resist grease and dirt, making the inner glass door easier to wipe clean after use. The coating also helps the glass stay spotless for longer, even after multiple uses.

Removable Door Glass
The inner glass of this oven’s door can be easily removed. Simply slide the glass out to clean sauce splatters and stains from those hard-to-reach spots.

Easy To Remove Side Racks
The ovens side racks are simple to remove, making your oven interior easier to clean.

Telescopic Oven Shelf
Checking up on your food can be smooth and simple, thanks to our telescopic oven shelf that supports itself without being held. Perfect for when you need to skewer test your toffee sponge cake, the sliding shelf can also be used when adding those final touches to food before it enters the oven.

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 56.7 × 59.4 × 89 cm